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Ogio Pinot Grigio Rose
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Ogio Pinot Grigio
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About Ogio Wines

Ogio is simply a phenomenal marketing success story, in a world where wine brands are struggling for attention and presence. It is a range of Italian wines, which has come from nowhere, to become the 2nd largest wine brand in Italy, and by far the largest wine brand in the UK.

Ogio is a brand that is exclusive, in the UK, to the nation’s largest supermarket, and it is this distribution power, and customer focussed sales and pricing strategy, that has driven it to massive success, initially in the UK, and now established, in the US.

Launched in 2006, it’s now the 13th largest overall brand in the UK, and is one of the top 3 fastest growing.

Ogio is a lifestyle wine brand from Italy, created by a US based international wine company, Winery Exchange. They identified the opportunity, in a crowded market, to create a modern, simply communicated brand, that captured the style and the look of the modern era, and provided millions of wine consumers with the style and presentation of wine that they were looking for.

With no pretense at portraying heritage, Ogio wines are produced from selected vineyards across Italy, selecting by the winemakers at Winery Exchange, according to styles identified by themselves and their major customers.

An Italian wine brand, the packaging style is modern and minimalist, with an easy to pronounce brand name, and a label that is recognisable in store, amidst a sea of bottles. The focus is less on heritage, and all about lifestyle, enjoyment and it offers an easy appeal, for wine consumers, who simply like to enjoy a good glass of wine, without worrying too much about its history, or background – straightforward, fruity, easy-drinking styles, are the hallmark of this brand.

What Styles Of Wine Do Ogio Produce?

Ogio produces a range of wines from across Italy, covering sparkling, white, rose and red.

Ogio Pinot Grigio – the best known of the range, and the leading brand of Pinot Grigio, amidst a saturated market, in the UK. It’s from the Venezie region, in north eastern Italy, and has the characteristic, soft, peachy, approachable, dry flavours, that are so popular.

Ogio Chardonnay – with the same, easy-drinking style of dry white, this is a gentle, smooth Chardonnay, with a fruity edge, for those who prefer a slightly fuller style of wine.

Ogio Pinot Grigio Rose – a blend of wines from across Italy, this soft, off dry Rose, captures the mood for fruity Roses, enhanced by the benefit of being produced from the nation’s favourite grape variety.

Ogio Zinfandel Rose – A dry, fruity style of Rose, produced from the Primitivo black grape in Puglia, southern Italy, which has been identified as being closely linked and probably the original source of the popular popular White Zinfandel from California. In keeping with the brand’s focus on modernity and hitting the right notes with its customers, this wine has been called by the US variant of the grape variety, although the style is very different, from the sweet versions of Californian White Zinfandel, having a drier, fruity edge.

Ogio Primitivo – Produced entirely in Puglia, in the heel of Italy, this is a bright, soft, aromatic and fruity red, with a spicy edge, and lots of modern, blackberry fruit and spice flavours – simple and approachable.

Ogio Merlot – a light, juicy style of red, with low tannins, made from a blend of Merlot grapes from different regions.

Ogio Spumante Pinot Nero – a delicate, fresh, sparkling wine, from the Pinot Nero – light, zesty and sparkly.